The Critical Engineer


Manufacturing 4.0 is delivering a digital transformation across Scottish manufacturing.

It is as much a cultural, as a technological revolution: the small and medium enterprises who will thrive in this world of exponential change, will be those that cultivate highly agile and collaborative work cultures.

Our events can be your first step on your own cultural transformation journey.

The Critical Engineer is a new approach to work-based learning. If you are a small or medium enterprise seeking to modernise, our FREE events will help you to develop a culture of innovation and develop the skills and confidence of your employees, so that your company can be part of Scotland’s advanced manufacturing future.

21st January 2021

Available now on demand

If you are Small or Medium Enterprise (SME), join West College Scotland, Forth Valley College and Perth College UHI at our dynamic, interactive online FREE event, where you will:

  • Hear from our Leadership Panel, comprising NMIS, AFRC, Enginuity and your regional college, about what they are doing to help SMEs like you navigate a path through COVID19

  • In Reflective Sessions, share your current reality and perspective, and learn about those of your peers. Contributing to a national innovation discussion, we will better understand what you need to grow

  • Through our Discovery Sessions, learn practical solutions from experts at the cutting edge of Design Thinking, Data and Critical Thinking, that you can apply within your SME to better prepare for Manufacturing 4.0

  • Gain actionable insights and practical solutions that will equip you and your workforce with the culture, skills and partnerships required for your business to thrive and grow.

To learn more about The Critical Engineer concept and events from West College Scotland’s, Head of Enterprise and Employability and project lead, Paul Fagan.

West College Scotland’s Head of Enterprise and Employability, Paul Fagan tells us more about the Critical Engineer events

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Why Attend?

  • Our event is just the start of the FREE learning and support we can offer you.

  • You’ll become part of Scotland’s ‘Critical Engineer’ professional learning network.

  • Register for FREE Critical Thinking training available for SMEs

  • Receive FREE access to our Critical Engineer Playbook -an online library of Manufacturing 4.0 learning assets and resources and signposts.

  • Request a FREE Skills Analysis and Plan, tailored to your organisation and operating environment, with information on available support, training and funding that can help you participate and collaborate in Scotland’s Manufacturing 4.0 future

  • Develop your own skills and achieve a DIGITAL BADGE for participating in our Discovery Sessions