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Background to The Critical Engineer Partnership

West College Scotland has developed the concept of ‘The Critical Engineer’ to help businesses understand and prepare for Manufacturing 4.0. Our concept recognises that the changes that businesses need support to undertake are as much cultural, as technical. ‘The Critical Engineer’ is a vision of the employee in your business who will act as catalyst for change:

‘The Critical Engineer is someone already in your organisation. They have the capacity for continuous learning and thrive in an environment of exponential technological change and is central to helping your firm grow and prosper. The Critical Engineer accepts responsibility for their own behaviour and practice, demonstrates an awareness of others that enables her to mobilise and inspire individuals and groups; and they act as an agent of positive change’.

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West College Scotland, Forth Valley College and Perth College UHI have received funding from Scottish Funding Council ‘College Innovation Fund’ to work with a range of leaders across Scottish college, education technology and design sectors, in partnership with industry and academia.

Together we have created a suite of interactive online Discovery Sessions that will help equip Small and Medium sized enterprises with the skills, confidence and routeway to thrive in Scotland’ Manufacturing 4.0 landscape, including collaboration with the National Manufacturing Institute for Scotland (NMIS).

Our Critical Engineer 'Change through the Lens of Covid' events provide an opportunity for leaders in the industry to share their experience and knowledge with you, as well as helping you plan for where you want to be.

The Critical Engineer project is funded by Scottish Funding Council, Scottish Government’s Advancing Manufacturing Challenge Fund - which is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

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